The number of periodicals per one thousand residents is 339 copies

9 February 2015, Monday

A total of 1,043 media with offices inside Tatarstan had registration in Tatarstan. The list includes 89 radio channels and 73 TV channels; 665 print publications; 15 news outlets; 137 electronic periodicals. A total of 161 newspapers and 52 magazines are published in Tatar.

“Media editors take a whole set of measures aimed to support the subscription campaign. The result of this work is not bad: the number of periodicals per one thousand residents is 339 copies, while that in Russia is 152,” Airat Zaripov noted.

Within Russia's television and radio broadcast promotion programme, all local high-capacity television centres in 2014 launched a second digital air broadcast multiplex. As of the year’s end, 86 percent of the population were covered by the first multiplex and 70 percent by the second one, with a plan to, by the year’s end, increase the coverage to 98 and 75 percent, respectively.

“According to the concept, given the upcoming phase-out of analogue television, the focus is on promoting cable TV networks, with local TV channels included on low-cost terms. The document is currently examined by Tatarstan’s Cabinet of Ministers,” the official reported.

Airat Zaripov said the new year carried remarkable events like the WWII victory’s 70th anniversary, Tatar Autonomous Republic establishment’s 95th anniversary, 25 years since Republic of Tatarstan’s new statehood, year of literature in Russia, and year of parks and public gardens in Tatarstan. The year’s landmark events are the world aquatic championship and local self-governance elections.

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